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Propecia is a medical product which prevents the destruction of the hair roots and stops the hair loss. It is released in the form of the tablets due to which men may take a medication in any place and at any time without necessity to rub ointments or lotions into the surface of the head.

Pharmacological action

Finasteride is the main active ingredient holding up the hair loss. It causes the change of the concentration of the dihydrotestosterone hormone which destructively affects the hair roots. The reduction of this hormone causes a regeneration of the hair follicles and the gradual recovery of the hair growth. Propecia drug is effective during androgenic (hereditary) type of alopecia which is caused by the hormonal imbalance. There will be no noticeable effect in case of other types of the disease.

Dosage regimen– The standard dose of Propecia is 1 mg once per day- If the therapeutic effect is absent, the dose may be increased temporarily up to 5 mg per day- The first results of the treatment appear in 3-4 months but the complete recovery of the hair growth is possible in 9-12 months.

Precautions – Finasteride is harmful for women because it may harm the future fetus and cause the congenital abnormality- Men may take Propecia without contraindications except cases of the allergy to the active ingredients of the drug.

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In terms of the safety it is critically that Finasteride does not interact with the main groups of the medical products used by the somatically gravid patients to treat the arterial hypertension, cardiovascular and neurologic diseases, pancreatic diabetes, etc. So, Propecia is characterized by the high level of the safety which is important during the prolonged and sometimes lifelong therapy.